Breaking Up the Proper Way

A break up is such a painful thing to experience. But when a relationship between two people is going downhill with no hope of ever improving, then it might be necessary. A break up may be the only solution if one person no longer finds a special connection with the other. It may be the right decision to make if a couple is not just compatible with each other. It prevents two people from making a lifelong mistake that can lead to regret. A break up may be painful, but it is sometimes what two people need to become wiser at love.

There is a proper way of trying to get out of a relationship. You should try to value the emotional investment that you and your partner put into the relationship, even though it is about to end. Try to break up with a little sense of dignity at the very least. You owe it to each other. Here are some tips on breaking up the relationship the right way.

First of all, think about your decision carefully.

A break up is a serious matter. You need to think about it carefully before making the final decision. Be sure that you have all the right reasons for breaking up. It can be awkward if you decide to break up and realize that you made a mistake. A break up can be a painful and traumatic experience. You do not have to go through it if you are not really sure.

Let your partner be the first one to know.

When you have finally decided to go through with the break up, make sure that your partner knows about it first. Some people make the common mistake of telling their friends about it first. Sometimes, the news can get through to your partner before you ever mention it. Once this happens, your partner will feel the shame and the embarrassment of finding out about the news from someone else. Things can become awkward between you and your partner in an instant.

Find a neutral place to break the news.

When you need to speak to your partner about the break up, make sure you do it somewhere neutral. Do not do it at home or some place that you go to on dates. Find a quiet or even secluded place where you can have a talk without any disturbance. Make sure that the location is somewhere you can comfortably talk about such a very serious matter.

Tell it in person.

Some people just cannot muster up the courage to break up with a partner face to face. They prefer to do it in other ways for fear of a confrontation. The preferred way is by sending a break up through text or email. Although technologically sound and convenient, this is the wrong method of breaking up. You have to give your partner the respect that he or she needs. Although it can be painful, the only way to break up with someone is by doing it face to face.
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