Common Signs That He is Cheating

Relationships can last if there is trust and honesty between partners. But there is a time when cheating comes into the relationship and cause serious harm. Sometimes the guilty party is caught and the relationship breaks up. Then there is cheating that one partner can only suspect but cannot prove. While this may be so, cheating is not always totally hidden. There are signs that can look for that it may be happening right under your nose. Here are just some of them.

Becoming too protective of his cell phone.

If you notice a change in his cell phone habits, then you may consider it as a sign. He must be hiding something if he becomes protective when answering calls or texts. If he becomes nervous when receiving calls or messages, it may be a sign that he is doing something that he does not want you to know.

There is an emotional disconnect.

You can sometimes tell that he is cheating on you when you feel some disconnect if you are with him. You may have an increasing experience with your man not being more passionate when he is with you. You rarely see him laugh and enjoy the times being with you. Although this kind of disconnect may also mean many other things, but it can also be a sign of cheating.

There is little sex in the relationship.

Having a healthy sex life is part of every good relationship. When there is lesser sex, it might be possible that he may be getting it from somewhere else. Men can only have so much sex. A decrease in sex may indicate that there are some issues with the relationship. It may be a sign of cheating, among other things.
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