15 First Date Mistakes To Avoid

1. Quoting Oprah more than once.
2. Shortening words that really dont need to be shortened, like totes, blowie, and obvi.
3. Starting any sentence with the phrase, Well, my therapist says …
4. Ever mentioning your girl boner. Trust guys do not want to think of you with a boner, no matter how cute you think the phrase is.
5. Keeping your Spanx on during a make-out session. Girl, if it gets that far, excuse yourself to the bathroom and discreetly remove said undergarment and stuff it in your purse.
6. Seeing a movie about war criminals, Holocaust survivors, or rape.
7. Eating Mexican food.
8. Saying Lets do this again if you dont really mean it.
9. Planning anything that lasts more than three hours. (If the first date naturally goes longer, great, but dont plan for it to).
10. Calling anyone you ever dated crazy.
11. Giving more than three compliments.
12. Answering more than two or three questions without asking one in return.
13. Asking more than three questions in a row.
14. Breaking in brand-new shoes.
15. Divulging your insecurities

So here is a list of First Date Mistakes To Avoid. I started laughing while reading through these because I have personally experienced some of these mistakes. I am sure almost all women have tried breaking in a pair of new shoes before, and boy is that stupid but to add to that, it is also bad to wear the wrong type of shoes for a date. For instance high heels are not always the correct date shoes. Make sure you know what you will be doing on a date so that you are well prepared and don’t end up wearing high heels to a farm!!

The other mistake that made me laugh was the whole “my therapist says…” This is hilarious because one of my best friends went on a date last week with a guy who asked if she would go to his therapist with him! Can you believe that?? I was like you have to dump him. My twin once dated a guy who took her with him to his therapist. Listen ladies, if he is seeing a therapist then he is not exactly ready to be in a relationship and you can bet on some major issues if you are in one with a guy like that!

Finally, please do not ask so many questions that the person on the other end feels like he/she are in a interview. There is nothing worse than that feeling. Dating should be relaxing and there are appropriate times to ask certain questions. Do not make your date sweat by asking way too many or way to personal questions when first dating.

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo

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