Should You Check Your Partners Cell Phone

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves to the point that it has become a land mine in relationships, especially when it comes to checking a partner’s phone.

Is it OK to read your partner’s text messages and check the previously-called numbers? The answer is no, even right in front of them. This sort of sleuthing is not about looking for whom your mate texted or called the last time, but a clear sign of distrust toward your romantic partner.

Text messages can be misinterpreted pretty easily and reading these messages without knowing its context could actually lead to more problems. If you do find something worth being jealous about, it would start an argument; but if you find nothing, you should feel bad for not trusting your partner in the first place.

But what if your mate is trying to avoid you as he or she calls or types a message? Just assume that he or she wants you to respect your partner’s privacy. There are other ways to check your suspicion whether your partner is cheating.
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